ALL Servers Moved and Running –

Whisperwind  —  Port: 25000

Lightbringer – Valmod Overhaul   —   Port: 25110

Karazhan  —  Port: 25020

And introducing 2 New servers:

Daggerspine PVP  —  Port: 25150

Northshire Valley (For players new to 7DTD) —  Port: 25050

Couple changes to help performance.

So once again in my strive to running great servers we are approaching another IP address change.  This is a big change for A-G as this will be the first time ALL servers will be merged onto a single dedicated server.  This should serve us for quite some time to come and allow for upgrades and downgrades as necessary.  The only thing this means for players is they will have to relocate the server in the server list as IP addresses will change.  All player data will be transferred. We have spent the last couple days testing the system and getting it up the Premium standards.  The servers are 100% controlled by me and are not rented servers through a game company.  In addition we may be eliminating CBSM, as we move our servers over, in lui of an on server manager that cannot lose connection, and will never go down.  We are going to start tonight with our Newest server ,Lightbringer, running the Valmod Overhaul Pack.  Players can expect their server to be down for around 2 hours as we do the transfers.


Valmod Overhaul Modded Server

Its back, and as sexy as ever.  The Valmod Overhaul for Alpha16.2 is here, and bringing in the sweet moddness we all love, including class system, new food, new ammo, new weapons and more.  To top this off Lotus will also be creating and uploading mods as he can.  You must download and install the Valmod Overhaul pack to join the server.   I will explain how to do this to install this mod to allow you to still go onto non modded servers, later in this post.
This new server is name Lightbringer, and will go live @ 12pm 8/15/17
We are starting off right by modding almost everything we can.   First off
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Karazhan is Open

Karazhan is officially open.  This is a server for those who want a challenge.  We have increased the difficulty on everything allowed. Level 6 difficulty, Feral strength zombies, very limited commands, no ADMIN created buildings, and the biggest…they ALWAYS RUN!!!  Time to learn the new stealth system, sharpen your aim, and a couple rockets couldn’t hurt.  If you have what it takes, step inside the doors of Karazhan.

Alpha 16 is Now Live!!!

The wait is finally over!  Grab your coffee, sharpen your steel arrow tips, and plunge into the newest patch update!  Whisperwind is now live, and has begun building its community already!  Karazhan will be opening in a few days or sooner!  Check back soon for more details about what we are doing in A16!

Server Changes For Alpha 16

We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Alpha 16 patch of our game bringing many many new detail and much needed fixes.  The patch notes can be found at this link  Alpha 16 PATCH NOTES   We don’t know when exactly the patch is supposed to drop but we know 3 lucky Twitch streamers have gotten early access to the experimental version.  The experimental should then be released to the public, following the actual patch.

So, first lets talk about General Changes to the servers overall.  Servers can always be found in the game search list by searching for Alliance-Gaming. Read more

Provider change!

Due to increased problems with performance, and various other reasons, we have proceeded with unscheduled provider change. Once again due to the performance issues and lack of ability for most players to log in and play, we done this unannounced overnight in an effort to get the servers running normally as fast as possible. The only difference player should notice, is they will now have to “refind” the server in the Main Server List. This can be done by typing in Alliance-Gaming or by using the new ip and port addresses listed below. ALL PLAYER AND MAP DATA HAVE REMAINED UNCHANGED! Once again sorry for the inconvenience, but we feel this will provide a much better gaming experience. If any player experiences lag or any other issues, please report them to the Admin immediately.

Ironforge 45005

Scholomance 45023

Good Bye Ashbringer! Hello Ironforge!

Unfortunately the Ashbringer Map encountered a non repairable error, and was wiped on 21 May 2017.  Players who reached out to the Admin had their bases saved and will have them imported by the admin when both Player and Admin are on at the Same time.  But as we say goodbye to the Ashbringer map, we welcome in the new map to be named: Ironforge.  Ironforge in World of Warcraft is a Dwarven city of creation and shelter, built deep into a mountain. I feel this is a perfect representation of what our server has become.  The new server will become available sometime late night of the 21st.  Players from the previous server who had more than 16 hours of gameplaytime, will recieve a special gift from the admin.  Server will not be wiped again until A16.