We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Alpha 16 patch of our game bringing many many new detail and much needed fixes.  The patch notes can be found at this link  Alpha 16 PATCH NOTES   We don’t know when exactly the patch is supposed to drop but we know 3 lucky Twitch streamers have gotten early access to the experimental version.  The experimental should then be released to the public, following the actual patch.

So, first lets talk about General Changes to the servers overall.  Servers can always be found in the game search list by searching for Alliance-Gaming.ALL SERVERS WILL BE WIPED.  This is unavoidable.  The maps are bringing in new features and overall changes.  I will not be able to save and load in bases to the new maps.  If you would like a copy of your base saved and emailed to you in Prefab format, for your personal use and games, Please email AncientLotus.  But these WILL NOT be loaded into the A16 maps.  This also includes ALL PLAYER DATA!  Everyone will start back at level 1. (The joys of playing Alpha games).
Please read the What is CBSM? page of the website to find out what will happen to commands and other features.
DONORS who donate 45 days prior to the full patch release date, will have their donation perks roll over to A16.  Players who donated in the $10 bracket or above will also have their perks rolls over. (This will get changed to $20 in Alpha16)  Players who re-donate for A16 will receive upgraded or special perks depending on previous and new donation!
All Servers will have a map Name Change. You will no longer see Ironforge, Daggerspine, or Scholomance.
Players who were banned…are still banned.

Onto specific server changes. First up Daggerspine:

Daggerspine is our newest server and was our attempt at a PVP server as many had requested one.  However due to its underwhelming server population, we will no long be continuing a PVP server at this time.  We may consider it again depending on the popularity of A16.

Ironforge:  Ironforge (formerly Ashbringer) Is our main and most popular server.   Most of you reading this are reading for Ironforge.  For the most part operation of this server will continue as normal, with a couple small changes:
The new map will be named “Whisperwind”
Difficulty will be lowered to level 3 of 6. (Currently 4)  This is to allow players to build more and worry less about wandering hordes, and getting killed as a newbie, while not making cities, Bloodnight, and other loot areas “too easy”.  This server has always been setup and catered to the Crafter/Builder player, while incorporating a strong community sense.  Players who are seeking more of a challenge are encouraged to go to Scholomance after the patch.
All other server settings will remain the same. Server will remain in Standard category.
A community city will be setup for player as it always has.
Rules will remain the same. Both server and community.

Scholomance: Scholomance is our modded server that is currently running the player made Valmod Overhaul mod. Since there are going to be a large amount of coding changes this mod will temporarily be void.  We dont know how long it will be before the mod is updated by the creator as he will get access to the codes the same as every other player.
This server is going to have one temporary feature.  When the experimental version of A16 is released, the server will be wiped of the Valmod Overhaul and the experimental version will be installed.  At this time the server will open as a standard version server, however It will only be open to donors in the $5 bracket or higher.  Donors will get first play and run through of A16. If possible player data will be saved and imported from this version when the full patch is released. Donors will recieve an email to the email address used to donate with the password for the server.  Donors are NOT to share the password with ANY OTHER player.  Non-donors will be kicked/banned as well as the Donor who provided the key.  This ban will get lifted upon full patch release.
After the patch release, Scholomance will continue to run as a modded server with max level difficulty.  This server is made for players who wish for more of a challenge and is catered more for the Explorer/Shooter play style.  I will be able to incorporate some of the mods from the Valmod pack (The new weapons, ammo, colored clothing.. etc) slowly over time.  Scholomances name will be changed to “Karazhan”. Other server settings and rules will remain the same as they are now.
After the Updated version of Valmod is released I do plan to upload it back onto the server.


These are the upcoming changes!  Hope to see Everyone back soon!

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