We are starting a new event beginning April 1st. Player Hosted BloodMoons. Players can now a submit their defensive builds to be host to the server bloodmoon for the day! Every Wednesday we will pick a base and the admins will help fortify and prep the base. Saturdays at midnight the teleport location for /VisitPit will be changed to the players base location. Players will host the event for 24 hours, during which time both player and admin will assist in repair. Bases must be submitted by 9 pm server time (PST) to be considered. Admins will need temporary access to base. To submit a base for consideration, either email your playername and a message stating your entry, to Alliance.Gaming.Manager@gmail.com, or message one of the admins in-game. We want to thank player “anXi3ty” for the suggestion, who will also be our first host for the event!

FOR THE ALLIANCE-                                                                               AncientLotus

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