So once again in my strive to running great servers we are approaching another IP address change.  This is a big change for A-G as this will be the first time ALL servers will be merged onto a single dedicated server.  This should serve us for quite some time to come and allow for upgrades and downgrades as necessary.  The only thing this means for players is they will have to relocate the server in the server list as IP addresses will change.  All player data will be transferred. We have spent the last couple days testing the system and getting it up the Premium standards.  The servers are 100% controlled by me and are not rented servers through a game company.  In addition we may be eliminating CBSM, as we move our servers over, in lui of an on server manager that cannot lose connection, and will never go down.  We are going to start tonight with our Newest server ,Lightbringer, running the Valmod Overhaul Pack.  Players can expect their server to be down for around 2 hours as we do the transfers.


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