The Cloud Based Server Manager (CBSM) is a third party service that provides simplistic management solutions to server admins and moderators.  This service is provided by Envul, a gaming platform company.  Just like the server that you play on,  this service is NOT provided for, paid for, or managed in any way by The Fun Pimps.  Both server and Server manager are 3rd party services paid for by the Admins of the server.

How Does This Affect Me?

The CBSM is the service responsible for bringing you almost all the “Extra Goodies” you enjoy when playing on this server.  These services include: zCoins, zGates, /home, /Visit, /Trader, /Day7, Plots, /revive, /Friends and more.  One can start to see how quickly this becomes a very important service.  Many of you have noticed periodic moments where /home or one of the trader teleport commands wasn’t working, this is a hiccup of the, server that connects to the server, and there is not much that can be done until connection is reestablished.  Sitting back and being patient.  When we do have momentary lapses in connection, they are usually no more than 2 minutes at most.  At the moment the service is still being continued and maintained, unlike almost EVERY other server manager that has came about during the advent of 7 DTD.  So for right now this is the only option available (not likely wee would switch to a new one anyway, have been really happy), until more server managers pop up again.

Do I have to get an Envul account?

No.  It is not necessary for SOME players to get an Envul account, however it does have benefits.  Players who donate, wish to post in forums, or vote for the server, WILL need to get an Envul account.  Its simple, fast, and most

Is there anything I should be concerned of?

Yes.  There is one thing that the admins are worried about and we want to make know to the players.  As most of you know, Alpha 16, should be dropping at any moment.  Since the CBSM is a 3rd party service, it does not have direct support from the developers.  This mean when patches or updates occur, especially in Alpha games, the new coding brought into the game can, and most likely will, disrupt service connections.  Meaning when A16 finally does release we may see a short span of time,hopefully now more than a day or two,  when the CBSM features are not able to be provided.  We don’t know when, its going to happen, it will just stop when the update comes out.  The admins will be monitoring constantly to bring the services back online as soon as they are available.  During this time the server will still be available for play.