These are PVE only severs.  PVP actions will not be tolerated and may result in jail time or a kick/ban.

NO WHINING, BEGGING,  GREIFING, or BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO OTHER PLAYERS.  Being a bother to other players will result in a kick or ban

Do Not Land Claim Block (LCB) , build over, block access in anyway, or destroy within 250 blocks of any city, premade building, or lootable area (army bases/camps, gas stations, graveyards, etc).  This ensures loot crates and other respawnable items will properly respawn.  Starter houses may be used for shelter until a base has been established.  However they should not be LCBed.  Any LCBs found within 100 blocks of any lootable area (even just one crate) will be removed and your items will be subject to looting.  Traders are included, and players should not build within 250 blocks of traders.

Do Not Build On or Block Roads.

Legal Raiding is defined on this server as the looting of another players personal items, that ARE NOT protected by a LCB.  Players who befriend each other, are to treat each others base as if full LCB protection applies.  Players found “raiding” bases of “friends” will be banned. Land Claim Blocks are set to expire after 7 days of being offline.  At this time your base is subject to legal raiding.  Any areas where LCB’s are not placed is subject to looting.  Dropped backpacks from player deaths and Bases in the Community City (refer to commu city rules), are the exception to this rule.  Player backpacks are NOT to be touched by anyone other than the person who dropped it.  Stealing another persons bag will result in a 1hour kick, and a deduction in zCoins. If a player needs to be offline for longer than 7 real-time days, and wishes for their base to be protected, must contact and inform an admin.

The use of minibikes are allowed.  However, this is at the discretion of the admin and is Subject to change.

Zgates are allowed to be created in cities, however they must be made public, and named properly.  (no zgate1,  #2 etc…)(exp HubCity1,  DesertCity…etc)

Explosives are not allowed at the Pit (Ironforge Only)


1. DO NOT be in the city during or at the start of a bloodmoon.  Doing so wiil result in a ban from the server.” (Ironforge Only)

2. NO TUNNELS.   Underground activity must be confined to your plot!

3. Raiding of any base or destroying anything in the Community City will result in a ban.

4. If your LCB expires, there is a high chance for your property to be given away.

These Rules are for the Community City ONLY, yet apply whether you actually live in the city or not!!

These are not the indefinate set of rules and can be changed, taken away, added or modified at the need or will of the Admin.  Common Sense Rules do apply.