Alliance-Gaming is proud to present its second server: Scholomance featuring, the Valmod Overhaul expansion pack.  This is a player create mod that makes some serious changes to the game, including class sytems, new weapons, new ammo, new skills and much more.  In addition to the Mod,  Limited CBSM commands and functions, increased difficulty,  no community pit, no community market, and longer nights are a few of the changes made to this server.  This server is made to provide a challenge and change to players that have been playing for a while but need to content to keep up interests.  DO NOT EXPECT AN EASY PLAY-THROUGH.  RESEARCH THE MOD BEFORE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR LIMITED ABILITIES!!!

Players will need to download in install the mod in order to play on the server.  Players who wish to transfer between standard and modded servers are advised to take the following actions: Make a copy of the main 7 Days to Die file.  This file can be found easily by right-clicking on the 7DTD game in Steam, click properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files.  A Windows file should open containing all of your data for 7DTD.  In the top search bar of this file, you should see the word “common” in the file path. Clcik on common and you will see the 7DTD game file.  Right-click and copy the file, then paste it in a blank area.  You should now see a file called 7 Days to Die – Copy,  open this file.  Drag and drop the opened contents of the Valmod Overhaul file.  This should be 3 files, Bigger Backpack Mod, Data, and Mods.  Drag and drop these 3 files into the 7 Days to Die – Copy file.  You will be asked to replace some files, accept the replace and overwrite these files.  Close all files out and you should be ready to enjoy the Valmod Overhaul expansion, while still being able to play on a standard server!!!  Below are links to info and download.

Welcome to Scholomance!